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Birthdate:Oct 9
Something about me

I´m from Argentina, as I said I like playing the keyboard, going out with friends, and so so so.

I've discovered a new hobby: making icons, just for fun or to participate in some icontests, not sure I'm good at it but it's funny to see what you create and compare with other awesome icon makers you find here!

Then, after the icons thing I found out another hobby: making banners, I don't know why I have the need of making them, it's a bit weird.

I'm a total fan of Stargate. As you can see, most of the icons I make are from that show, hopefully someone will like them and will use them, something I really don't care anyway :)
Also, a huge fan of Kavan Smith, especially Major Lorne.

Let's clarify something: Most of the icon makers I've known so far are female, but I'm not a woman, I'm a man, I've seen some people tend to think I'm a woman for that, but I have no problem, I just tell them and that's OK. No need to apologize :).
Because, well...

And now I'm officially member:

Just for fun!.

I'm also maintainer of:
.[profile] johnshepp_itest .[profile] drmckay_itest
.[profile] sgu_icontest .[profile] iconweekly
. [profile] lizabeth_lims .[profile] kavlorne_itest
Watch, join, play! :D

Header by me
Layout by [profile] street_of_mercy
Icon Textures, textures for banners, tutorials, brushes, fonts I use (tell me if I'm using some of you and haven't credited you here!I'm awful giving credit, sorry :D)
[profile] xafirah, [profile] woolfred, [personal profile] haruechan, [profile] ohriot, [profile] blair_graphix, [profile] black_avalon, [personal profile] meathiel, [profile] icons_by_mea, [profile] lady_elayne_art, [personal profile] coffeestudies
[personal profile] kelle, [profile] vogueclours, [profile] high_sunday51
[personal profile] regularamanda posted at [profile] fragile_basket
[personal profile] casett, [personal profile] innocent_lexys, [profile] infinite_muse
[personal profile] aotearoagal, [community profile] a_gal_icons [community profile] lifeisdolce
[personal profile] colls, [personal profile] lookingglassf1, [profile] noromancethere
[profile] leelawednesday posted at [profile] wednesdaycats
[profile] icon_extras (excellent place to find a lot)
[profile] graphics_stuff by the wonderful [personal profile] casett (I don't think I'd do that, it's so much work! XD)
[profile] sweet100x100
[community profile] 100x100_brushes
[personal profile] aeslis
[personal profile] spiritcoda
[profile] doe47graphics by [profile] daughterofeve47 (with some really good tutorials!)
[profile] starlit_designs
[profile] creamuts
[profile] icongradients
[personal profile] crownlet
[profile] ennife
[profile] cdg
[profile] coy_dreamer
[profile] grafixed_art
[profile] agent_sniper
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